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Garnier promotional action

20 June, 2011


Акция от GarnierGarnier is a French company founded in 1904. Since that time it has been producing a wide range of various cosmetic products. The history of Garnier brand began with the launch of Garnier hair lotion by hairdresser, perfumer, and haberdasher Alfred Amour Garnier in the city of Blois. The lotion was a real breakthrough in the beauty industry. Earlier soap had been used for washing hair.

Inside of «Enter the Garnier-men race»  SMS promotional action named from the French brand Garnier, our company jointly with the «123 Agency»  provided technical base for the project. Additionally, it enabled all the brand consumers to participate in the project by sending unique code found at the reverse side of the sticker to a short number. It allows consumers to take part in the prize draw and to win Tour de France trip as its main prize.


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