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Про100Чек Project: «Pro100check»

Partner: «CheckMarket»



Having paid the purchase, the customer received a receipt. By activating the code specified at the bottom of the receipt via SMS/Web/Call Centre, the customer could get a guaranteed prize or take part in further prize drawing. (depending on the action terms).

SMS голосование

Project: «Hymn of Asian Winter Games 2011»

Партнер: LLP «GSM Kazakhstan Kazakhtelecom JSC», SF «Miras sport»

Service: SMS-voting



Organization of SMS-voting for choosing the hymn of the 7th Asian Winter Games 2011 that were held in Kazakhstan.


X FactorProject: «X Factor»

Partner: «Art Center Pro»

Service: IVR- and SMS-voting

The global winning streak of «X Factor» project commenced in Great Britain in 2004.  62,3 % of British TV-auditory have been watching the 6th season of the program. 10 million people sent messages in order to support their favorite participants. In 2010 the project started in Kazakhstan and was transmitted by the  «Eurasia First Channel». ZERO GRAVITY company as an exclusive partner of «X Factor»  in Kazakhstan provided it with perfect IVR- and SMS-communication with the auditory.

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